Maria Great

Born in Joensuu, Finland, in 1967, and later residing in Helsinki, Maria Great is an acclaimed self-taught artist known for her vibrant and expressive works. Her artistic journey spans several continents, including living extended periods in Spain, London, and Africa, each enriching her creative perspective and depth.

Maria's art is distinguished by its vivid colors and dynamic compositions, embodying a unique blend of simplicity and childlike wonder. This distinctive style is not only a reflection of her personal healing journey but also a testament to her commitment to authenticity and emotional resonance in her work.

Her ability to capture the essence of diverse experiences and cultures has garnered her significant recognition in the art world. Maria’s pieces are celebrated for their ability to evoke profound emotional responses and inspire a deep appreciation for the transformative power of creativity. Her contributions to contemporary art continue to captivate and influence audiences globally.

Maria Great Artist Logo Royal Elegance

Royal Elegance in essence celebrates the majestic beauty and value inherent in each person. It inspires creativity which embodies this love to uplift the human spirit and emotions. And empower graceful experiences of joy in this ever changing journey of life.


Acknowledges every person as noble and significant and of priceless value . And honours each individual with the same high regard.


Signifies ultimate sophistication, refinement and grace in perfect harmony. And the dignity to display the ability to handle complex emotions and circumstances effortlessly. A quality that uplifts and helps people navigate their own journey with poise.

"Royal Elegance" invites you to engage with my work and embark on your own royal discovery with dignity and elegance.